Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NOLA Fashion Week: The Business of Blogging

New Orleans is making great strides towards establishing itself as a fashion force to be reckoned with. The NOLA Fashion Council hosted its biannual NOLA Fashion Week from October 13th - 20th. Among the various events scheduled to take place throughout the week was The Business of Blogging Event held Monday night at Hotel Modern. Once I came across this on the schedule, I purchased my tickets immediately.

This event was a Q&A session which featured an experienced and quite successful blogger, Christine Cameron. Christine is located in New York and is the voice behind the popular blog, My Style Pill. The event was a very intimate gathering for local bloggers, experienced and newbies, to ask questions, share advice, and get their network on. Considering that I'm new to blogging and that I am not originally from New Orleans, this event was going to be exactly what I needed. The audience asked a ton of great questions and Christine's responses were right on point. Being the shy person that I am (unbelievable to anyone who personally knows me) I chose to sit back and take notes while others kept the questions rolling. Christine was very personable and obviously has a genuine love for what she does. Thanks to her and the inquisitive bloggers present, I walked away with a wealth of helpful tips; how to get my blog out there, how to connect with other bloggers, how to reach out to designers, etc. The biggest take home message for me when she mentioned that if you want your blog to be successful, you have to be different. Seems obvious, but I had to really think about it...I want my blog to be a reflection of me, not the millions of other bloggers out there. Definitely food for thought.

Although I wasn't able to get a photo with Christine :(, she did offer her email so that a shy girl like me can keep in touch. I was also able to get some shots of Christine, Lauren Lagarde (Public Relations Advisor of NOLA Fashion Council, pretty in pink), and Andi Eaton (Beauty & Style Expert, wearing the fab turban).
Get more info on Christine and check out her fabulous style on her blog My Style Pill.

And I couldn't forget to post a pic of beautiful ol' me rocking my newest hairdo.

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