Friday, January 4, 2013

911 Beauty Kit

911 Beauty Kit
Considering that I am pretty much always in a rush, I am bound to forget something.  Even if you are a very punctual and organized person, beauty emergencies still tend to arise without warning. Therefore, an emergency beauty kit will definitely come in handy.  I have compiled a collection of 10 items that I feel are sure to come to your rescue.   
  1. Deodorant, for those days that you slip on that black top and forget to apply afterward. 
  2. A mint, to keep your breath minty fresh. 
  3. Tylenol for a sudden headache or those awful cramps. 
  4. An electric shaver for those unexpected visits to happy hour and you're afraid to take off your sweater because your top is sleeveless and you've got some stubble (the drama).
  5. Well, a lint roller for obvious reasons.
  6. Bobby pins to combat the effects of humidity or to spice up your hairdo for a dinner date.
  7. Sewing kits are a must.
  8. Red nail polish because it's sophisticated and bold enough to cover up chipped polish in most shades.
  9. Lotion in a vanilla scent so it won't clash with any other fragrance you may be wearing. 
  10. And finally a mirror so that you can admire your beauty. :)

Pack these items into a cute travel bag and store them in your car or somewhere at the office. 


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